Un-Official (post 9 am) Results Are Now Posted
We've worked through all the log-sheets and the corresponding time-stamps in the RealTime™ database to rebuild the laps that were completed after the 9 am re-start. These results will remain un-official in that it was determined that the timing issues surrounding the re-start that the only fair way to score the race was to return to the finish results as of the course closure at 8 pm Saturday. The explanation of this determination is detailed in >>>Post-event Communique #1.

Nevertheless, we do want to accurately post all of the un-official laps so that folks can see the laps they completed after the re-start. We did our best to decipher the post 9 am results but some of the log sheets were inconsistent in the way the log times were recorded around the course closure and re-start. There may be discrepancies that need to be corrected. >>>Un-Official (post 9 am) Results

Please review your team's post 9 am lap times and let us know if there any corrections that need to be made. Contact >>>GGP's Timing Tech with any corrections. As of Friday, November 10th, we'll make the Un-Official Results officially Un-Official.

Check Out Your Team's Photos!
The whole time you were out braving the elements, Action Shots was out braving the elements too. They captured a treasure-trove of amazing photos from this year's unprecedented event. Just click on the image above and enter your team number to search for your team's photos, or, click here >>>Moab Action Shots

Check Out The Event Photo Gallery by Xavi Fane
Our staff photographer Xavi Fane is one of the hardest working guys in the sport. Here's a sample of some of our favorites. {Note: These photos only available for commercial use} >>>Moab 06 Photo Gallery

Or, Check Out the Slide-show Movie We Created
It's a big file but worth the time to download. You can download it at two resolutions:
>>>Moab 06 Slide-show 640x480 (9 Megs)
>>>Moab 06 Slide-show 800x600 (11 Megs)

Thanks for the Memories !
The history of the 24 Hours of Moab will record 2006 as "The Rain Year," one of the most incredible years ever. It certainly was the most challenging and most memorable event that I have ever attended. The experience and the lessons learned will be with me always.

I hope you enjoy the photos we've posted here. We'll likely not see photos like these again for many, many years. At least I hope not!

Best wishes to you and your teammates for an awesome 2006 racing season.

Happy Trails,

-Laird Knight
Race Director
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