Falling Back in Love with Tunnel of Love
This year's course will be the funnest and flowy-est course ever. Tunnel of Love, one of Vail Lake's finest singletracks is in back in action thanks to trail TLC from Jason Ranoa. Also, Jason has built some sweet new singletrack at the top of the mountain that provides one of the most spectacular views on the course. Vicks Trail (named for Jason's Dad, who helped him build it) adds some easy, flowey singletrack between the bottom of the the Funner Downhill and the Ambulance Road. To use Tunnel of Love, we've had to eliminate the Funner-2 downhill but that also means we've eliminated the two hike-a-bike sections and a couple of ledgy drops that are starting to get too treacherous for comfort.

The Race (Series) is ON!

Click here to see the Solo roster for The Suzuki 24 Hours of Vail Lake
A Good Race for the Ladies, Too!
In Women's Solo Division, Terri Wahlberg, last year's runner-up, returns to duke it out with Liz Baumgardt-Kays and Namrita O'Dea. We've also been told that NiteRider's Shanna Armstrong will be returning with a great deal more mountain biking experience under her belt (An accomplished ultra-endurance road rider, last year was her first mountain bike race.)

Other Classes:
There's still only one expert team, Grizzly Outfitters/Continental Const, hailing from Big Sky, Montana. We hope a couple of local teams will give them some competition. Likewise in the Men's Vet, Ol Big Nasty needs some more vets to race against.

Pink is In
We're pleased to see the ladies fielding a Vet team, The Pink Ladies, hailing from SoCal. By a quick read from their team page, it's clear these ladies have the right attitude for some racing fun.

Last Call! On-line Registration Open till Wednesday Night
On-line registration will be closed Wednesday night at 9 pm PST. Walk-in registration will be open during Late Registration & Race Packet Pick-up on Friday, from 2 pm to 10 pm at Vail Lake Resort.

Note: Our offices at Vail Lake are set-up. You can reach us there at (951) 303-2979.

Here's a 5% discount code you can use: FZbPqLfL (remember it is case-sensitive.)
>>>On-line Registration

Click here to go to Ellsworth's website Ellsworth Test Rides
I rode an Ellsworth for the first time last week. The super-efficient full-suspension that they have designed and patented works. I felt the difference in the first 100 yards and you'll have the chance to do the same. But Ellsworth wants you to get a full lap in, if you like, to get a real feel of their bikes capabilities in all conditions. Models of the Ellsworth Truth and Epiphany will be available for test rides on Saturday and Sunday. Give 'em a go. I'm sure you'll be impressed.
Check 'em out on the web >>> www.ellsworthbikes.com

Also, for those of you who go out and burn a lap on a test-bike, Ellsworth will be having a contest for the most improved lap time on a Truth. Winners receive a free Ellsworth messenger bag or hydration pack.
Custom Designed Nutrition
Sports nutrition that you custom design for yourself and for the way your body works. That's the benefit of Infinit Nutrition's new on-line formulation system. Free samples of Infinite's race supplements will be in all race team swag bags with the special 24-hour formulation designed by Monica "Pua" Sawicki. >>>www.infinitnutrition.us
Click here to go to the Infinit Nutrition website
Volunteers Make it Happen and We Make it Fun for 'em
Your friends and family will have a blast volunteering at the log tables. There are openings on the first three shifts. We'll take good care of them with a commemorative T-shirt, a meal during their shift and plenty of hot coffee and cocoa during the wee hours.
>>>On-line Volunteer Sign-up
or call Moriah at 951-303-2979

Volunteers at The 24 Hours of Sunlight Ski Race.
Temperatures at The Suzuki 24 Hours of Vail Lake are expected to be a little warmer.
Lighting Your Way Since 1992
Sponsors of Granny's 24-hour races for 17 years! That's saying a lot! Quite simply they are there for you and they will be here at Vail Lake for you, too, keeping your batteries charged-up and lighting your your way into the night. >>>www.niterider.com

The Fun is About to Begin! Don't Miss it!
We're slated for great weather and good times. If you haven't already signed-up, you can still get in. You'll be glad you did. This is a super fun course.

For our part, we look forward to creating a fun time for everyone. 24's are special events, so dramatic, so impressive. You guys and gals continue to amaze us, race after race.

Have a great time at this year's Suzuki 24 Hours of Vail Lake.

See you soon!

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