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I am so grateful for the great teachers who saw who I was, knew what I was capable of, and believed in me, even when I didn't. Thank you to all the great teachers...
This one's for you.

Taylor Mali is one slamm'n slam poet.

Who says particle physicists and research technicians can't throw down some slamm'n rap?
  The world IS coming together through the most common language of all. Check it out...

Want to be environmentally conscious and do everything you can to reduce your impact on the planet and create a sustainable society? Well, this little ditty will light a fire under your butt. ...a must-see for every citizen of an industrialized country. Americans should watch it three or more times.

(Thanks to Si Ezolt for sending this to me.)

Click here for The Story of Stuff

My Sis Rocks!
My big sister Margot had the honor of delivering the commencement speech for the University of Central Florida Class of 2007 and did she ever deliver!

If you have 15 minutes to listen to her humor and considerable wisdom, it will be 15 minutes well invested.

I'm SO proud of you Mugwumps!


How NOT to ride a bike in NYC.

Some sick, sick puppies here! A must see for any death-wish, adrenaline junkies.

On fixies too!!

What could be more fun than understanding your place in the universe?

Check out this amazing java animation of the "Powers of 10". You'll be transported from the farthest outer reaches of our known universe to the innermost reaches of our known universe.

Let the geek within rejoice! (After you run through once, use the "manual" button to really take your time and get present to the trip you are taking.)
>>>Check it out

Click here and take a tour of the universe (as we know it)


If you are a fan of bike racing history, you are going to love this compelling story about the first woman to race The Giro d'Italia.
>>>Read More

Ok, more science geek stuff: When we were kids my brother and sister and I discovered a record that my parents had from the infamous Tom Lehrer, an edgy musical satirists of my parent's generation. We learned the words to almost every song, many of which were very biting critiques of 50's society.

Here though is one of his more fun songs put to flash animation. The lyrics are the periodic table of elements.
>>>Click hear and turn your speakers on
Click here to listen to "The Elements" by Tom Lehrer

I love sailing. As a teenager, I spent hundreds of hours each summer on my 15 ft. Venture catamaran on the lower Potomac River.

This photo circa 1976. Caught in the doldrums, my port sponson leaking and listing a little.

Want to see some REALLY FAST sailing?

Check out this wicked video of Hobie's record setting sailing hydrofoil.

Oh my!!!!!


Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a motor-head/throttle twister. But my dirtbike sees so little action these days. Mountain biking is still where it's at.

That said, I've always dreamed of an ultra-light, mountain-bike-like motorcycle and now there is a whole new genre of these kinds of bikes hitting the market.

So, for $6,300 in US dollars (Hey isn't that cheaper than some mountain bikes?!) you too can know what it would feel like to rent Jeremiah Bishop's legs.
>>>Check out the web-site
>>>The video is wicked-cool


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