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Accommodations & Directions Accommodations & Directions

Directions to The 24 Hours of Conyers Race Venue
The Georgia International Horse Park is conveniently located just 28 miles from the city of Atlanta. To get there just follow I-20 toward Conyers and take exit #82. Go North on GA HWY 138 for approximately 4 miles then turn right onto Centennial Olympic Parkway.

Camping is available at the race site on Wednesday through Sunday night. Camping fees are $10 per person, per night with Wednesday and Sunday nights free. As always, kids under 12 camp free. Each paid camper will be issued a wristband upon entering the venue. Racers and non-racers alike pay the camping fee to offset the costs of land access fees, insurance, water, showers, trash removal and port-O-lets. All racers will want to camp on-site Saturday night (it's impractical to shuttle to town). No reservations are required and while there is plenty of room for everyone, we do ask that you camp as space efficiently as possible.

Hotel Lodging
There are several hotels in Conyers, here is a link to help you find a cozy bed 

RV's and Trailers
If you're looking for the finest in wilderness accommodations, RV's and trailers are the way to go. Please note that there are no hook-ups for RV parking at the venue. Your RV will have to be self-contained (electric, water, septic, cable TV). Camping fees are $10 per person, per night with Wednesday and Sunday nights free. As always, kids under 12 camp free. Each paid camper will be issued a wristband by GGP Event Staff. The fee applies to RV'ers as well as campers.

NOTE: The campgrounds are divided by whether or not you intend to use generators. All campers, RV's and trailers that plan to use generators must set-up in the specified area.

Also, please leave Fido and other pets at home!

Other Facilities:
Hot Showers
There's 8 hot showers available free-of-charge to all campers that run from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursday and Friday nights before the race and run continuously from 8 a.m. Saturday till 6 p.m. on Sunday. We'll also run them from 8 a.m. till 11 a.m. on Monday for any Sunday night campers.

Garbage Removal
When you go through the gate and purchase your wristband, you will be issued a heavy-duty garbage bag. Once filled, please dispose of these bags along with any other garbage in one of the six large dumpsters that are provided. We also ask that if you bring couches, recliners, rugs or any other household items, that you take them with you when you leave. If, in fact you were looking to dump these things in our dumpsters, what you are creating for us is an impossible situation. These things take up so much room, that we cannot get the bagged garbage in, which causes more pickups and costs us more. Thanks for "leaving no trace" at your campground.


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