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Welcome to the 2008 Suzuki 24 Hours of Vail Lake webcast!

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Weather forecast/conditions
Sat: High 94F, Low 34F. Wind: N/W 6 mph. Sunrise: 6:04 a.m. UV index: 9 (v.high)
Sun: High 95F, Low 35F. Wind: N/E 7 mph. Sunrise: 6:03 a.m. UV index: 9 (v.high)

26th April
12 noon... The race gets off to a suprisingly fast start given the hot weather. Minor changes to the course make it faster than other years
2:20 p.m. Duo Pro update Shake and Bake Team Dominate
4:00 p.m. Men's Solo update Rob Lichtenwalner Sets Out His Stand
4:30 p.m. 24 Minutes of Vail Lake Tomorrow's Champions
5:02 p.m. Temperature begins to drop. Now perfect mountain biking temperature
8:16 p.m. It's pretty darn dark... nice and cool down here in the valley, but it must be getting chilly up on top of the course and on the long descent
8:25 p.m. Women's Solo update Eddie O'Dea's Better Half
8:55 p.m. Women's Solo update Armstrong: Here to Win?
10:10 p.m. After falling hard twice on her left femur in one lap, Shanna Armstrong quits the race
11:25 p.m. Men's Sport update Three-way Battle

27th April
8:46 a.m. General Race update Morning Report
10:30 a.m. Men's Solo update Riders Accept Their Results Early
12:00 noon Race ends. Laps completed: 575; Total distance travelled: 5876.5 miles;
Total elevation gain: 861350 ft (163.13 miles)
1:25 p.m. General Race update The Main Categories in a Nutshell
3:25 p.m. Women's Solo update Namrita Wins It

Post-race press release/report

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Women's Solo
Men's Sport
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General race reports
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About your reporter
Hi! I'm Paul Skilbeck. A journalist and press guy on the international mountain bike racing scene since 1989, I am your humble reporter for the 2008 Suzuki 24 Hour Series opener. This is how I look in my reporting clothes, but if you roll over the image you'll see that I'm not merely a pencil squeezer.

Before we get started, please don't forget the support by Suzuki of 24-hour endurance racing when considering your next 4-wheeled purchase. Your support of sponsors is what keeps them supporting the sport!






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