2013 24 Hours of Great Glen



Racer: Lucas Provost


From: Brewster, MA USA

Class: Men's Expert

Personal Sponsors:
Sea Sports Cape Cod,


Cape Cod Beer,

Dick Beard Chevrolet Subaru,

Secure Storage,

Cape Cod Ski Club,

Red Face Jacks,

Charlie's Music,

Nifty Nate's,

KVH Graphic Design,

Wright Chriopractic,

Will Raymond,

Personal Bio:
Greetings from Cape Cod,
I would like to introduce myself, I am Lucas Provost the President of Cape Cod Mountain Bike Racing Club. I would also like to add that I am racing Cat 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike and Cat 3 Cyclocross at the end of 2012/13 season was ranked #1 by USAC in Massachusetts by age group in both disciplines.
I started the club along with best friend Mark McKenney and his son Brandon and back in 2009. With only racing half of the races we had two riders finish 3rd and 9th overall.
Each year we have grown, in 2010 we had five guys, ranking #1, #2, #4 and #5 overall along with a Gold and Bronze medals in the Massachusetts State Championship Race.
In 2011 we jumped up to seven men with ranking #2, two #3 and #4 along with a Gold medal in the Massachusetts State Championship Race.
The club has been getting noticed all over New England and we have made a good name for ourselves attending all the Root 66 series races.
There is an award given by Root 66 called the "Iron Rider" award, to earn it you have to race and complete every race in the season with no DNF's. Lucas has won the award 3 years in a row, but this year we added two more Iron Riders to the list, 16 year old Dartanian Provost and 35 plus, Jessica Rockson.
2012 has been the most exciting year for us, we are now a 15 member team with three strong women and riders ages are 15 to 50.
With the women ranked #1 and two #2 overall for the season with our Marathon racer finishing 2nd in both 34 mile and 50 mile events. The men had seven in the top ten, #2, #4, two #6, two #7 and #9. This year we won 4 Silver and 1 Bronze medals in the Massachusetts State Championship Race. We are ranked third in the Team Competition standings, based on Fastest Team and Team Participation.
In 2013 we are a ten member coed team participating in both the Root 66 Series and the full Efta Series.