2012 24 Hours of Moab


Racer: Jon Atencio

Team: Backcountry Beaters

From: Cottonwood Heights, UT USA

Class: 5 Person Men's

Personal Sponsors:
Hatch Green Chile, Woodside, UT Board of Tourism, Bacon
Personal Bio:
Born in the thriving metropolis of Ogden, Utah Jonny "A" Atencio is no stranger to the mountains.

Once, in Idaho, he caught a wild steelhead with a piece of dental floss and a strip of bacon- He befriended the steelhead and then trained it to hunt down and retrieve smaller fish for his sustenance.

He has been sighted in more than one VIP lounge, sprawled out on the couch, PBR in hand- even though they were only serving Belvedere and Cristal

His training regime is extreme: some say, a bit too extreme, in fact, it is often referred to in all caps. EXTREME.

Using only a can of Adobe sauce, some fresh garlic cloves, a pork roast and a book of matches, he made an award winning Barbacoa Pork that was on the Today show- Al Roaker really enjoyed it.

As you can see, his beard is a mix between weak and not so good-

He has worked for the Secret Service, the FBI, and Interpool at the same time, from a remote location- it got to be too crazy for him

He has 4 pairs of Blundstone's, and rotates between them weekly. People think he has dozens of them.

He is addicted to Green Chile.

He is American.