2012 24 Hours of Moab


Racer: Jason Douglass

Team: Black-N-Blue Spleen Team

From: Superior, CO USA

Class: 5 Person Coed (At least 1 Female)

Personal Sponsors:
Oxygen, Blood, The Krebs Cycle, Glycogen, ATP, and my Amazing wife Erica and Daughter Makayla.
Personal Bio:
After having his guts smashed into the pavement by the shiniest big chrome truck ever in June 2011 during a training ride Jason looks for ways to spend time on his bike with more carefully planned bouts of rapid deceleration. He's found this to be a great plan for (failing to) win races without massive heaps of medical bills.

Jason's mantra for this race as it has been for most of his life is "you can sleep when you're dead!"

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about wearing the Gorilla, Bananna, Keg or Hells Angels costume during the race.