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    18th Annual 24 Hours of Great Glen
    Class Standings:


    Sat. Aug 10 &
    Sun. Aug 11,

    Gavin Graham
    team number: 308
    class: 12 Hour Jr. Solo Co-Ed
     3 laps completed
     Distance Travelled: 27.3 miles
     Elevation Gain: 3555 ft
     Class place: 1
     Overall place: 117
    RiderLaps Completed:
    Gavin Graham 3
    Overall Splits
    Class Splits
    Team # - NameSplit Time# of LapsLast Lap Finish Time
    Team Ahead300 - Jinks, David0:30:243Sat 9:15:00 PM
    Current Team308 - Gavin Graham03Sat 9:45:24 PM
    Team Behind20 - Critter9:13:542Sun 6:59:18 AM
    Lap #RiderIdle
    1Gavin Graham 0:00:00 Sat 12:00:00 PM Sat 1:29:23 PM 1:29:24 1:29:24
    2Gavin Graham 0:00:05 Sat 1:29:28 PM Sat 4:43:09 PM 3:13:41 3:13:46
    3Gavin Graham 0:00:07 Sat 4:43:17 PM Sat 9:45:24 PM 5:02:07 5:02:14

    2013 24 Hours of Great Glen


    Team: Gavin Graham   #308

    From: Concord, NH USA

    Class: 12 Hour Jr. Solo Co-Ed

    Team Theme Song:
    Gavin L Graham (Team Captain)
    From: Concord, New Hampshire - USA
    Race Age: 12 (Male)
    Team Sponsors:
    New England Nordic Ski Association, Bill Koch Ski League
    Team Anecdote:
    Gavin, age 11, is taking on the 24HOGG long course for the fist time. He's raced the kids' events here the past three years. This year, his "A" goal is just to have fun. His "B" goal is to shoot for 2 or 3 laps.

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