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    19th Annual 24 Hours of Great Glen
    Class Standings:


    Sat. Aug 09 &
    Sun. Aug 10,

    Dean Poplawski
    team number: 21
    class: Men's Solo Just For Fun
         19th Annual 24 Hours of Great Glen
    Overall Splits
    Class Splits
    Team # - NameSplit Time# of LapsLast Lap Finish Time
     Current Team is in First   
    Current Team21 - 0Wed 7:00:00 PM
    Team Behind154 - Pure Adrenaline391024:39:3732Sun 12:39:36 PM
    Lap #RiderIdle

    2014 24 Hours of Great Glen


    Team: Dean Poplawski   #21

    From: Dudley, MA USA

    Class: Solo Men (40-49)

    Team Theme Song:
    Dean Poplawski (Team Captain)
    From: Dudley, Massachusetts - USA
    Race Age: 43
    Team Sponsors:
    Team Anecdote:

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